Laparo – Laparoscopic training of future

Laparo has been operating since the end of 2015. We are working hard on innovative solutions that will help to improve and – in our opinion – revolutionize the laparoscopic training.

At the beginning, we spent our time on developing trainers, equipment and accessories that will help train skills which are necessary in providing laparoscopic surgery.

The first objective that we set ourselves was to create a low-price laparoscopic trainer/simulator, so that students and surgeons could train in their homes on professional equipment.

That’s how we have developed Laparo Aspire – laparoscopic training device of unusual functionalities at this price range. Thanks to it, students will learn basic techniques and others will improve them. More information about Laparo Aspire you will find in the section „products”.

Supplementing offer are accessories for laparoscopic training, including:

– training laparoscopic instruments,

– training modules,

– artificial training organs.

Currently Laparo is working on several technologically advanced projects. Soon present you innovative solutions that will revolutionize laparoscopic training.