Laparo Advance – laparoscopic trainer

Laparo Advance is a laparoscopic trainer dedicated to institutional clients: hospitals and hospital wards. It allows to practice motor skills associated with minimally-invasive surgeries. It was built for the training of physicians, residents and students. It has an internal Full HD camera and LED light that imitates the conditions of surgery.Laparo Advance is available in two versions:
1. device ready to work with any computer
2. independent training station with integrated touch screen and foldable stand with height adjustment for computer and working area.Each set contains various training modules and necessary laparoscopic instruments.


– ergonomics of the device imitate surgery conditions
– LED light
– 12 precisely designed trocars positions
– Full HD 1080p USB Camera
– free movement of the camera in all directions with the possibility of blocking for self-training
– easy and quick installation of training modules
– functional software with possibility of video recording, time tracking and image adjustment
– stable construction
– mobility
– independent training station or use with any PC

Products from Laparo Advance series have dedicated software that allows:

– training record
– on/off stopwatch or set timer
– endoscopic view mode, adjust light, resolution, change language
– works with Windows, MacOS and Linux



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