Laparo Analytic – laparoscopic trainer with full training analysis

Laparo Analytic is a trainer for laparoscopic training. It was designed in a way to significantly improve the learning process by introducing an automatic assessment of the conducted training and a possibility to track the learning curve.
The Device is devoted mainly for the multi-user work in Medical Simulation centres.
Laparo Analytic allows to conduct a training with a full analysis thanks to the electronic sensors found in the Device and the laparoscopic tools. The sensor measurements complement the data collected by 3 cameras which track the training. As a result, we have the first in the world trainer which allows a complex monitoring of the training’s parameters from the moment of the insertion of tools until their removal and completion of work.


– multi-user work
– users’ accounts
– analysis of the conducted training
– learning curve
– precise sensors
– trainings creator with a tutorial
– touch screen
– FullHD mobile camera with blockade
– eight trocars
– electric regulation of the post
– easy placement of the training modules
– external light does not get through
– mobility
– simple handling
– support