Laparo Aspire – laparoscopic trainer

Laparo Aspire is laparoscopic trainer designed especially for students of medicine, resident physicians and surgeons who want to continually improve their skills and stay in shape between surgery.

Laparo Aspire is laparoscopic trainer with unique characteristics and software in its price range.
To start training, simply install the included software on your own computer or mobile device, connect the trainer and start using it.

Laparo Aspire laparoscopic simulator is available in different variants that are differentiated mainly the amount of training laparoscopic instruments and training modules. All variants are available in the on-line store.

The main advantages of Laparo Aspire are:

– trainer construction and operating field imitate surgery,
– operating filed obscured from sight,
– LED lighting, which reflects the operating conditions better than using daylight,
– 8 precisely designed trocars positions which differentiate access
– 720p camera USB plug-and-play,
– camera holder allows for self-training,
– adjustable camera can be set precisely to the training,
– easy and quick to install training modules with built-in magnets,
– sets with training laparoscopic instruments,
– dedicated training modules – more in Accessories,
– developed with practicing surgeons and positively tested by dozens of specialists

Laparo Aspire software allows to:

– recording training,
– switching mode stopwatch / timer / free training
– switching endoscopic camera mode, lighting controls, image quality and choice of language
The software is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Laparo Aspire laparoscopic simulator with a license is available in the online store is intended exclusively for individual customers, in case of interest from institutional customers, please contact us –


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